Cannabis Product Packaging Tips, Guidelines, Design and Trends in the United States: An Overview


Cannabis Product Packaging Tips, Guidelines, Design and Trends in the United States: An Overview

Did you know that the Global Cannabis Packaging Market is forecasted to witness a CAGR of a notable 24.3% over the period of 2021 to 2026? This growth is expected due to the increasing legalization of cannabis in various countries and the continued increase in demand for medical and recreational cannabis products. 

As is evident from the above facts, cannabis packaging stands as a critical aspect for every cannabis brand. Using outdated, low-quality, and non-compliant cannabis packaging can become a threat to not only your cannabis product's quality but also your brand's reputation. Utilizing custom CBD product packaging for your CBD and cannabis products can boost your sales and set your brand apart from your competitors.

Let us look into the various types of cannabis packaging you can utilize for your product.  

Cannabis Flower Packaging. 

Customized and smell-proof containers may have a significant influence on the success of cannabis flower marketing and packaging. Some cultivators use child-resistant containers constructed of custom wood, glass, or even metal to stand out from the competition. 

The shelf life of the cannabis product depends on two things: moisture and light. Therefore, the packaging containers must ensure an ideal humidity level and minimal exposure to sunlight. Loud Lock Child Resistant Pop Top Vials available in a range of colors and size options from 6 dram to 90 drams are the perfect cannabis packaging for your dry herb. 

Vaporizer and Extract Packaging.  

Every state has a different law about packaging cannabis, CBD products.  For example, California Cannabis Packaging Regulations Act requires that these products be packaged in child-resistant packaging before being placed on shelves or held by dispensary staff members.

Cannabis vaporizer cartridges and oil extracts can be packaged in a variety of ways too. You can utilize a ceramic or glass oil atomizer for this purpose.

Edibles Packaging. 

Edible product packaging for Cannabis-infused candies and beverages usually require opaque packaging. This means that the product must be wrapped or sealed with opaque packaging so that its contents cannot be seen without opening it. Furthermore, cannabis labels for these products need to include several warnings about their ingredients and any potential allergens they might contain.

Concentrate Packaging.  

Cannabis concentrates, including waxes and shatters, must be packaged in child-resistant containers. These products must utilize a good quality, opaque packaging and mention warnings about their ingredients and any potential allergens they might contain. The Loud Lock Concentrate Shatter envelopes are a cost-effective and viable packaging solution for wax or dabs.  

Now that you know the distinct types of packaging available for cannabis products. Here are five cannabis packaging tips that you can utilize to make your cannabis packaging better.

Protection of your cannabis product is the prime motive of cannabis packaging

Many brands invest too much into designing and end up compromising on the functionality of their cannabis packaging. The primary purpose of your cannabis packaging is that it should protect the contents of the product. Ensure your cannabis packaging is high on function by following these tips:

  • Child Resistant Packaging

Instead of viewing regulation as a burden, cannabis product manufacturers must reconsider their packaging and its procedures to provide safe and attractive product containers that fulfill the regulatory standards. 

One such guideline is to use child-resistant packaging. Almost all states have strict guidelines to use only child-resistant cannabis packaging for cannabis products. This move helps keep cannabis and CBD products out of the reach of children. 

  • Durable Material

The packaging material must be sturdy and tamper-resistant. Cannabis products must be kept safe against natural elements and human error to stay potent and fresh. Different kinds of products will require different packaging as per the level of protection they need.

  • Opaque and Discreet

The states that allow cannabis-infused edibles and beverages require these cannabis products' packaging to be opaque and discreet. It must be smell proof as well.

  • Tamper Resistant

Cannabis products need to include a safety seal of some kind to prevent tampering or opening before purchase. Cannabis producers may use heat seals, shrink bands, or other types of safety features that will help keep the products safe and secure until they reach their final destination.

  • Resealable packaging

Cannabis packaging needs to have an airtight seal, be tamper-resistant, and resist scratching or tearing. Ensure that products that are not single-use are packaged using resealable packaging options such as zip lock bags, containers with lids, adhesive closures. Top-quality products such as Loud Lock Grip n Pull Mylar bags are a great way to store and transport your marijuana products. 

  1. The packaging design should be appealing to your target customer segment

If you are new to the cannabis industry and are looking to sell your cannabis product to dispensaries, pay special attention to your packaging design and customer segment. You must also pay close attention while designing your packaging and labels, as these aspects will influence how customers perceive your brand.

Attractive and relevant packaging can draw your target customer's attention and make them choose your product over your competitor's. It will also reassure your customers that you have a quality product inside quality packaging. 

But do you know that different types of packaging can be more attractive to different customer segments? Your cannabis product packaging should cater to your target customer base. 

Let's have a look into a few customer segments that you might be interested in.

  • Millennial Customers

If you think millennials are all about trendy or frilly designs and don't care about authenticity, you're wrong. Today's youth is concerned about the environment, social causes and has a unique voice of its own. Celebrities and influencer endorsements influence them, but they know to speak up where they are wrong.

Thus, it is essential that your packaging is not all frills and zero matter. Speak to the Gen-Z through your packaging. Implementing a value-driven and straightforward design that is sustainable or offers an alternative to plastic can charm the millennials. You are protecting the environment and the interests of the youth with this packaging. 

Offering unique products that are not available to everyone can also raise the excitement quotient of the youth.  Special edition or limited-edition cannabis products might get immensely popular with the millennials. 

  • Luxury Cannabis Customers

Catering to a luxury customer base can be tricky. It would be best if you did something different than the stereotypical packaging for luxury customers. Luxury clients expect the product and packaging, both to be top-notch. Luxury products need to have an elevated brand status in the customer's perception. 

Elevate their tactile user experience (user experience) through your packaging.   Premium products are characterized by a clean, minimalistic, and high-end packaging design. You can also opt for high-value, designer packaging to set it apart from the more economical cannabis products. 

  • Medical CBD customers

If you have customers who turn to your cannabis products for pain relief and medical purposes, you need a slightly different packaging. Medical consumers of cannabis will want cannabis products that can solve their pain points and deliver the promises claimed.

Custom branded packaging and clean design with a description of the efficacy of the cannabis product will help strike a chord with them. Focus on the pain relief aspect of the cannabis product along with the relevant medical symbols. A combination of the cannabis leaf design, your brand's logo, and medical symbols can make an excellent design for your medical CBD products. 

  1. Cannabis packaging should be informative

As a cannabis entrepreneur, you already know packaging is more than just design and branding. It needs to be informative too. Our labeling guide for cannabis products consists of all the essential details you need to mention on the packaging label of your product. 

You can utilize a custom printed label to include details such as product information and other details. A medical CBD product is heavy on labeling information and needs details such as batch number, expiration date, dosage details, among others.  

You can mention your website address, customer support email, and phone number as the company's contact information. For branding purposes, you can use your brand's logo, tagline, brand's graphics in your brand's colors for the best effect. 

  1. Cannabis packaging should be compliant with the rules and regulations

Cannabis products are now legal in many of the United States for recreational and/or medical use. But they are guarded by a strict legal framework regarding their packaging to minimize the misuse of cannabis.  

Your cannabis labeling and packaging should comply with all regulations in the Cannabis industry. Finding the appropriate and compliant packaging solution for your cannabis firm may need you to study state laws.

In December 2019, California formalized new packaging rules for businesses in the cannabis sector, providing manufacturers with barely any grace period to comply - and that's just one state apart. Therefore, you must stay flexible to adapt and modify your strategy in the context of cannabis labeling and packaging at all times. 

  1. Consider cannabis packaging design trends for your brand's packaging

Whether you are new to the cannabis industry or an experienced cannaprenerur, you will have to stay aware of the latest cannabis product and packaging design trends. Several new cannabis packaging design trends surface every few months. Some stay for longer while some disappear quickly. It would work best if you were on the lookout for trends that support your brand's vision, value, and voice. 

Here are some trends you can adopt for your brand:

  • Historic Culture Trend

Utilize wordplay, clever and fun marketing ideas, and design for the packaging of your product. You can use the historic culture and reference it subtly and playfully. This trend is more prevalent in the recreational cannabis segment as compared to medical cannabis. 

  • The less is more trend

Many brands make the mistake of bombarding their packaging with over-the-top design and information. A minimalistic design and packaging will set your brand apart from the rest. Your luxury clientele and the Gen-Z are sure to warm up to this type of packaging. The grayscale or black and white design is very popularly used for packaging high-end cannabis products. 

  • The sustainable design trend

According to a 2019 study, approximately 73% of American customers care about sustainable packaging because it emphasizes the brand's concern about the environment's future. The growing awareness around global warming, forest fires, and environmental concerns has made brands rethink their product and packaging options.

Sustainability is not just a trend but a way of business now. We've already mentioned the popularity of sustainable and eco-friendly packaging with the youth, but there's one more aspect. Your packaging should not just 'be' sustainable but also 'look' sustainable to put the point across. Natural colors with a wooden texture can draw the attention of consumers seeking sustainable packaging. 

  • The marijuana leaf trend

We know that the marijuana leaf is one of the most stereotypical designs utilized as a brand. However, you would agree that it is definitely the quickest way to make your cannabis product identifiable. 

You can incorporate the marijuana leaf along with your brand's logo in some way to make it look distinguishable. You can consider changing its color, size, or style to maintain uniqueness while utilizing its benefit. 

  • The story trend

Who doesn't love a good story? If you are a brand that has a fantastic back story to it, don't shy from sharing it on your packaging. It would be best if it were short and impactful. This will not only elevate your design but also create a connection with your consumers. 



We are sure that by now, you are aware of how much more you can do with your cannabis packaging. If you already have effective cannabis packaging but aren't getting enough response from your customers, it is time to consider rebranding and reassessing your packaging options. Following Packaging guidelines is crucial to your business, but, let's not forget about labeling guidelines. Check out this article to learn about labeling guidelines. 

With the loud lock packaging collection, you can select from a wide range of custom packaging options for your cannabis products, whether they are medical CBD products, cannabis-infused edibles, beverages, or any other. 

Besides following the packaging design trends and abiding by packaging guidelines and laws, your packaging must also be informative and protection-oriented. When your cannabis packaging is compliant, creative, and content-rich, you are sure to attract your customers' attention, trust, and loyalty to your brand! If you are wondering how you could get your products into a dispensaries, you are not alone! Read this article to learn how You can get your product's onto the shelf of dispensaries.


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