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How to package, seal and label glass tubes effectively - A Guide

Dispensary and smoke shop owners are well aware of different types of cannabis packaging available in the market. Among all the options, glass tubes stand out as the best packaging option for prerolls and joints. Glass tubes are a popular cannabis packaging as they provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and exceptional protection for prerolls and joints. They look sleek, elegant, and are unmissable! These glass beauties provide top-quality function, whether you’re using them for storage, transportation, or just display. 

  • Matthew Centeno

Top 5 things to look for when buying wholesale Mylar bags

Whether you're a dispensary owner, a smoke shop owner, or simply someone who uses marijuana regularly, you must know that storing cannabis safely is essential. For your customers to enjoy the natural flavor and maximum potency of your marijuana, it should not be exposed to heat, light, air, or oxygen. If you're searching for a great way to keep your buds fresh and intact, mylar bags serve as the perfect packaging solution.

  • Matthew Centeno

How to package, seal and label pop top vials effectively - A Guide

Pop Top containers, often considered dispensary favorites, are popular types of cannabis packaging. Cylindrical in shape, plastic pop top vials come in various sizes and store different products in varying quantities. Pop top vials are popular because they are handy, colorful, versatile, and compliant with state regulations. Most pop top containers are child-resistant in design due to their opening mechanism.

  • Matthew Centeno

How to Properly Package, Seal, and Label Mylar Bags for Cannabis

Marijuana is increasingly becoming legalized all over the United States. As this happens, the industry built around it is proliferating. One crucia...

  • Matthew Centeno

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