How to package, seal and label pop top vials effectively - A Guide


Pop Top containers, often considered dispensary favorites, are popular types of cannabis packaging. Cylindrical in shape, plastic pop top vials come in various sizes and store different products in varying quantities. Pop top vials are popular because they are handy, colorful, versatile, and compliant with state regulations. Most pop top containers are child-resistant in design due to their opening mechanism.


Let us look into how cannabis owners can package, seal and label pop top vials.


Packaging Pop Top Vials


Loud Lock Pop top vials work as an airtight, moisture resistant, and odor-proof packaging solution. Most pop tops have a simple opening mechanism that can be opened by squeezing firmly on both sides and popping it open. Pop Tops vials are considered unbreakable and come with an attached airtight lid. You don't need to worry about losing the tops of the containers or matching them up. 


The best feature of pop top containers is that they are senior-friendly and child-resistant at the same time. Pop tops are simple to use and compliant with state regulations. They are available in several different sizes, measured in 'dram,' a mass measurement unit. 


You can use pop-top containers to store dry flower, concentrates, and edibles like hard candy too. While pop tops are sure to keep your cannabis fresh and potent, you must ensure you close them well before storing your cannabis in them. You need to ensure that you package your cannabis carefully, as exposure to dry air can result in a loss of potency.


You can choose from a variety of color options when it comes to pop tops. Depending on your state's regulations, you can choose from the pop tops' opaque, translucent, or clear variants. The opaque black child-resistant pop tops are even more effective as they are light-resistant. They keep air out and moisture in, which maintains an optimal environment for your marijuana products, maintaining their freshness. Potent and fresh marijuana provides your customers with a smooth and pleasant smoking experience. 


Sealing Pop Top Containers


Child-resistant, medical-grade plastic pop-tops vials are the best solution for wholesale dispensary requirements. They are lightweight, easy to open, tamper-resistant, convenient yet secure, and reliable. The squeeze top opening mechanism is a great way to package medical and recreational marijuana. The airtight seal and moisture-resistant design make pop top vials compliant, discreet, and suitable for keeping cannabis products fresh.


Have you heard of Pop Top vial shrink bands? They are considered essential for the safe distribution of dispensary products and are often required for retail sales. Shrink bands are plastic bands that are perforated to fit specific Pop Top bottles. Cannabis business owners can apply shrink bands or wraps to their pop top containers using a heat gun or a hairdryer. The band gradually shrinks to fit over the opening of the pop top vial. Once you remove the applied shrink band, you cannot reapply it. Tamper evident shrink bands help the marijuana product stay secure and untouched. 


Some tips for using shrink bands

  • Slide the band gently over the bottle 
  • Use a heat gun to apply heat, resulting in the band shrinking. 
  • It will shrink to fit the opening within seconds.
  • They are perforated so that you can remove them easily
  • Usually, bands start to shrink at 125 degrees F.
  • The recommended temperature range for applying shrink bands is between 200 to 300 degrees F


Whether dry herb or processed joints, you can store them easily in these containers. Your customers need to squeeze both the sides of the vials near the top till it emits a 'pop' sound. The lid opens with the pop sound, and customer can access their marijuana stored inside the container. There are other kinds of vials available for marijuana packaging, including push & turn and screw-top, among others. 



Labeling Pop Top Containers


Whether it is mylar bags, pop top vials, glass tubes, or any other marijuana packaging, they need to be labeled clearly so that customers are aware of what they are purchasing and its health implications. According to certain regulations, you need to name your product in a way that is not appealing to children. You also need to include your business name, address, and contact number. Some other details should also be mentioned on the label, which includes information such as

  • Details of the strain
  • Product Serial Number
  • Weight of the product
  • Batch number
  • Testing and Expiration Date


Additional information like a warning, habit-forming risks, health risks, and age restrictions should also be mentioned. You must also mention that it is a 'Schedule I've controlled substance and not for resale. You can read the complete labeling regulations for marijuana packaging for more information. Note that state laws pertaining to marijuana packaging and labeling keep changing and as a cannabis owner, you must stay updated to stay compliant with them. 


Loud Lock Child Resistant Pop Top Vials in various colors and capacities are the perfect solution to package your cannabis products. Not only do they prevent contamination, but they are smell proof and durable. Their compact design, security, and effortless opening style stand out from the others and make them a popular choice for cannabis business owners. You can order plastic pop top vials wholesale rates and check out our entire range of cannabis packaging right here. 

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  • Matthew Centeno