How to Properly Package, Seal, and Label Mylar Bags for Cannabis


Marijuana is increasingly becoming legalized all over the United States. As this happens, the industry built around it is proliferating. One crucial part of this industry is the packaging and labeling of marijuana products. If you are looking for a way to effectively package and seal your marijuana packaging, mylar bags may be the answer for you. 

Are you not convinced? Read ahead! 

Why should cannabis be packaged in Mylar bags?

Mylar bags are a fantastic option for cannabis storage if you're looking to store dry herbs. These bags have several advantages, especially when packaging marijuana. They are much more efficient and less expensive than other storage solutions. They are sturdy, durable, and lightweight. They don't take up much storage space. 

Mylar bags are tear-resistant, odor-proof, and discreet, making them ideal for the storage and transport of cannabis products. They don't absorb odor like sealable plastic bags. They are resealable and can be used over and over again.

When you run a cannabis dispensary, you must package cannabis products in child-resistant, smell-proof, tamper-proof containers that are legal. Mylar bags have all of these characteristics and can preserve the quality of cannabis for an extended period. 

Let us look at how to package, seal, and label your Mylar bags so that the cannabis products (even edibles) stay fresh.

How to package your cannabis in Mylar bags:

Firstly, you need to have the right size of mylar bags for your cannabis products. You can choose from Grip n Pull exit bags of varied dimensions available at the Loud Lock website. We also have mylar bags for syringes and prerolls. According to your state regulations, choose a clear, translucent, or opaque type of mylar bag. 

To start with the packaging process, keep these items handy with you. 

  • Mylar Bags
  • Cannabis Stems or Ground Buds
  • Scissors

If you have ground buds, all you need to do is scoop them into the bag. If you are using stems, you will need to cut the cannabis into small pieces so that they fit comfortably inside the Mylar bag. 

Once the cannabis is cut to size, you can pack it into the Mylar bag. Be sure not to overfill the bag, as this will make it difficult to seal properly. It would be best if you left about an inch of space at the top of the bag so that you have room to seal it shut.

When you scale your business, you can utilize automated packaging machinery for the packaging process of your marijuana. 


How to seal your Mylar bag:

Now that your mylar bag is stuffed with cannabis products and packed well, it's time to seal the bag. Without an effective seal, the freshness of your marijuana will be compromised. 

Before sealing the bags, you need to add Oxygen Absorbers. An oxygen absorber is a small, silica-gel packet that helps remove any oxygen present in the bag. This will help keep your cannabis fresh for longer.

To add an oxygen absorber, first cut open the top of the package and pour out all contents. You will be left with a small, white packet. Next, locate the seal on the Mylar bag and place the oxygen absorber packet over it. You can stick the packet to the bag by pressing it down with your fingers.


Now you are ready to seal the bag. There are a few ways to do this:

  1. Using Irons and hair-straightening apparatus:

You can seal your Mylar bag using an iron if you have one. Place the iron on the bag and apply pressure for about 30 seconds. This will create a heat-sealed seal that will keep your cannabis fresh. Close the bag by sealing it, with only the final 2 inches of the Mylar bag left open. Check the seal for any small particles of bud.

  1. Using a Sealer Machine:

If you have a sealer machine, this is the best way to seal your Mylar bag. Place the device on top of the bag and press down until it makes a tight seal. A mylar bag seal ensures that cannabis is safe during transport and long-term storage. 

  1. Using a Sealing Strip:

First, hold the top of the Mylar bag closed and use your thumb and forefinger to pinch the air out from between the bag and the cannabis. This will create a vacuum seal. 

After removing all air from the bag, use your other hand to heat the sealing strip on the top of the Mylar bag. This will cause it to melt and form a seal around the edge of the bag. 

Be sure not to touch the sealing strip with your hands, as it will be hot. If you use a heat sealer, place the Mylar bag in the machine and press down on the button to seal it shut.

How to label your Mylar bag:

The final step involves affixing a label on the outside of the Mylar bag. This will ensure that your customers know what's inside the bag and the health implications. Labeling your Mylar bags is also a way to deter people from opening the mylar bag if they are not meant to be opened.

Your marijuana packaging label should include the strain's name, the product's weight, batch number, serial number, and the date it was packaged. This way, you will manage your inventory and ensure that you sell fresh products. If you are using pre-printed labels, be sure to place them in a visible and easy-to-read space. Additionally, you may want to use a waterproof label to avoid the risk of it getting wet or peeled off. 

It is also good to place some identifying information on the Mylar bag itself. This could include your name, logo, or contact information. This will help people know who packaged the product and where it came from. Refer to the labeling regulations and guidelines for cannabis products in the United States to ensure you are 100% compliant. 


Using Mylar Bags to package your cannabis products is a simple way to make them look and feel more professional. When it comes to ensuring that your product reaches consumers in the best possible condition, keep these tips in mind: Package your items securely and meet the demands of your clients while also following state laws and regulations. Start using Loud Lock Mylar bags right away so you can have a better-quality product tomorrow.

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  • Matthew Centeno