How to package, seal and label glass tubes effectively - A Guide


Dispensary and smoke shop owners are well aware of different types of cannabis packaging available in the market. Among all the options, glass tubes stand out as the best packaging option for prerolls and joints. Glass tubes are a popular cannabis packaging as they provide an aesthetically pleasing appearance and exceptional protection for prerolls and joints. They look sleek, elegant, and are unmissable! These glass beauties provide top-quality function, whether you’re using them for storage, transportation, or just display. 


Let’s look at how you can effectively package, seal and label glass tubes for your dispensary and smoke shop. 


Why Glass Tubes?


Glass tubes offer an elegant packaging solution for prerolls, cones, joints, and vape cartridges. They work well as a display piece and are a versatile packaging solution. They are clean materials to print on, and it is also easy to label them. Since glass is a low toxicity material, many food and beverage companies use glass for packaging their products. Not only this, but glass is also resistant to solvents, acids, oils and is comparatively durable.


Packaging using Glass Tubes


Loud Lock glass blunt tubes are made from BPA-free material and present a unique way to package prerolls effectively. They are favorites in both dispensaries and smoke shops. You can order varied sizes of glass tubes as per your requirement. As they are commonly called, doob tubes or preroll tubes are available in various sizes like 90 mm, 98 mm, 110 mm, 113 mm, 116 mm, 120 mm, and others. 


Using clean glass tubes is crucial to maintaining the quality of your cannabis product. If you are storing your preroll tubes in the production facility or nearby, the chances are that some flower dust might get settled on them or even inside them. It is crucial to blow off the tubes with compressed air before using them for packaging your prerolls. You can also wipe them down using isopropyl alcohol. This will give a sparkling clean look to your glass tubes and help the labels stick onto them without peeling off. 



Sealing Glass Tubes


A child-resistant screw-top cap is an excellent idea to seal your glass tubes. Loud Lock uses a child-resistant screw-top cap threaded especially for the cone and blunt tube vial container.

These caps provide an airtight seal and help maintain the freshness of the prerolls inside the tubes. The child-resistant caps also provide enhanced security for your customers on the go. Loud Lock blunt tubes are an exciting way of storing and displaying pre-rolled medication in your dispensary. They provide discreetness as they cover up the odor as well. Loud Lock Glass tubes are certified child-resistant and protect your cannabis throughout the process of storage and transportation.


Many other glass tubes come with a cork top or a child-resistant cap with a tamper-evident seal built in it. The cork stopper seals the tube well enough to preserve the freshness. It would be a good idea if the vials were shrink sealed further to avoid any contamination.


Labeling Glass Tubes


Purchase labels that are specifically designed for small circular tubes. A general label might not be as effective as the labels explicitly designed for glass tubes. For example, a label that sticks well on a flat surface might not be as effective on a tight, narrow glass tube. 


Another important consideration is the amount of product you want to show in your glass tube. It is crucial to compare the size of the label to the size of the preroll tube, in this case. If you wish to cover the visibility of your entire product, choose a label that you can wrap around the entire tube. However, if you want your prerolls to have some visibility, you can leave about an inch of space empty for that. 


It is important to note that labels must have all necessary information and branding information. It would be a good idea to go through the labeling regulations and guidelines for cannabis packaging in your State to meet the required compliance. 


After choosing the size of the label, you need to apply them to the glass tube. You can go manual and stick each label by yourself. But this can be quite a task as you scale your business and sell larger lots of prerolls. In such cases, you must consider automation. You can choose from manual, semi-automatic, to fully-automatic machines to implement a smooth preroll packaging process and label them. These machines can increase the overall volume of freshly labeled joint tubes by several notches. Not only are they efficient, but they also help you save a lot of labor costs and time. 



We hope that you have much more clarity about preroll glass tubes for your cannabis business by now. Loud Lock packaging provides a range of cannabis packaging solutions that you can use for the effective storage, display, and transport of your cannabis products. You can check out our entire range right here.

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