How to find the perfect cannabis packaging for your business: A quick guide


Are you new in the cannabis business or thinking of starting a cannabis business? If yes, have you partnered with a suitable cannabis packaging company yet? Undoubtedly, you must be offering different cannabis products, but there’s more to it. It is crucial to understand that all cannabis products cannot be stored in one-size-fits-all packaging. 

Packaging different cannabis products require different solutions. Concentrates cannot be packed the same as dry herb, and vice versa. Product packaging depends on what you are dealing in - flower, edibles, joints, medical cannabis, concentrates, or all of them! 

If you are a grower, processor or manufacturer, and want to sell your cannabis products to dispensaries, your packaging needs to be ideal. Similarly, if you are a dispensary or head shop owner, your customers will expect perfect cannabis packaging from you. 

Without a doubt, the ideal cannabis packaging solution should preserve the content’s freshness, meet safety regulations, provide discreetness and be cost-effective at the same time. 

Glass, silicone, acrylic, cardboard, plastic, and many other materials compose packaging solutions for cannabis, but which one should you choose? Let’s have a look into some of the most popular types of cannabis packaging:

  1. Pop Tops

Are you looking for something to store and transport loose flower? Dump the plastic baggie! The opaque, colorful pop tops are perfect for securing your preroll or dry herbs. Pop Tops retain the shape and smell of your prerolls, keeping them fresh for a long duration. Ideal for transportation and storage purposes, too, most pop tops are child-resistant and ensure safe usage.

Not only this, pop tops are discreet because they are smell-proof. They are moisture-resistant, airtight and FDA approved. They can be used for medical marijuana as well. Pop tops are generally available in several sizes (ranging from 6 drams to 90 drams), and you can choose the one best for your requirement. 


Your customers will love them because they wouldn’t have to worry about crushing their precious herbs in transit, nor do they have to worry about their children or pets reaching them.

  1. Glass Jars

Ah! The Classic glass jars. How can we miss that? Glass jars work as top-shelf display material and an effective marijuana packaging solution simultaneously. They are perfect for storing flower, as they allow the flower to retain its shape without squeezing or shrinking it. Dispensary owners also prefer glass jars to allow their customers to see and inspect the bud structure before purchasing. Similarly, smaller glass jar packaging is optimal for concentrates and cannabis CBD edibles.

You can use a custom brand sticker on glass jars to promote your brand. Not only do glass jars elevate the brand quotient, but they are reusable an unlimited number of times. 

Glass jars provide an airtight and smell-proof seal for cannabis products, keeping them fresh. Jars truly work as the gold standard cannabis CBD packaging. Whether you’re looking to stock just 2 oz of concentrate or 16 oz of concentrate, you will find plenty of glass jar options to package it safely. 

  1. Glass Blunt Tubes

Glass Blunt Tubes provide the same efficiency as a glass jar but in a smaller size and at a lower cost. They are like small tube jars! These tubes cover up the smell and offer a safe and discreet solution for cannabis packaging. Glass blunt tubes feature a unique child-resistant screw-top cap that works like an airtight seal, which maintains the freshness of your product - whether it is medical marijuana, joints, blunts, edibles or prerolls. 

These tubes are available in varying heights and black or white lids. You can also opt for custom lids (like wood) for these tubes, depending on your preference. One of the best parts of blunt glass tubes is that they serve as an excellent display piece for your store in addition to the optimal storage they provide. Especially if you are looking to display colorful edibles, these tubes can be a great option. You can also label these tubes for medical cannabis in accordance with the labeling regulations and guidelines. 



  1. Mylar Bags

Available in various forms, sizes, and colors, mylar bags are the most versatile and cost-effective cannabis packaging solution. These tamper-proof, child-resistant, odor-proof, discreet bags are perfect for storing and transporting your cannabis products - whether dry herbs, concentrates, or edibles. They keep the contents fresh and can easily be heat sealed.

You can select either the opaque or the transparent mylar bags depending on the level of discreetness you require. Purchasing these bags in bulk is a good idea because they take up significantly less storage space than other non-flexible cannabis CBD packaging options. 

Grip n Pull exit bags are resealable and follow nationwide compliance. Your consumers can reuse these bags when they don’t consume their CBD products in one sitting. 

  1. Oil Cartridge Tubes


Oil cartridges can be difficult to manage as they are made up of different components and are delicate. The best packaging solution for oil cartridges is the plastic vape tube with a silicone cap. It serves as an atomizer pop top and keeps your cartridges safe even during transit. 


  1. Shatter Containers

Cannabis CBD products can be packed well in shatter containers. If you are looking for a cost-effective and efficient method to store wax or dabs, then shatter envelopes are an optimal solution. They are a unique way to keep concentrates fresh and pack them according to individual dosage. 

Other than the envelope containers, you can also opt for plastic containers. Plastic containers are small, slim, and quickly slip into a purse. They are the best storage solution for your customers to hold small amounts of concentrate on the go. 

  1. Turkey Bags

Turkey or turkey oven bags are durable, heavy-duty, thermal-resistant cannabis packaging solutions. They are odor-resistant and can keep the contents fresh for a long duration. What’s more, these bags are high quality, microwavable beauties and can be used in the kitchen too. 


Now that you know the different kinds of cannabis packaging you can use for your cannabis products, here are a few tips that can help you select the most efficacious cannabis packaging company for your brand.

  1. Choose the right Cannabis Packaging Partner

Look for the reliability, reputability, and cost-effectiveness of your potential packaging partner—research well before finalizing someone. Choose a cannabis packaging partner that manufactures at least 2-3 of the above CBD products packaging varieties. Having low minimum order quantities for their cannabis CBD product packaging is another bonus

Ensure that they have bulk marijuana packaging in diverse colors, sizes, quantities for their customers. It will be a bonus if your cannabis packaging partner is specially focused on cannabis packaging. They would then be well aware of the updated cannabis packaging regulations and compliances. Lastly, if they provide custom packaging, labeling, or branding options, it is a cherry on top of the cake for you. 

  1. Check off the 3 Ds for your packaging (Durable, Discreet, and Design)

The 3 Ds – durability, discreetness, and design are important aspects of your packaging. Durability is an essential aspect of any product packaging. Your customers will not return if your packaging pops open by itself, spills, or tears down quickly. Cannabis CBD packaging needs more durability because its contents should be kept safe from the reach of children and pets. Choosing the right child resistant packaging is an uncompromisable factor when it comes to marijuana.   

As you may already know, discretion is essential for most cannabis customers. You can ensure discreetness by providing cannabis packaging that is neither too small nor too large and is just the right size to carefully hold the cannabis CBD products. Discreet packaging is also odor-resistant, resealable, and waterproof. 

The design of any product packaging doesn’t imply that you need to have expensive designer packaging. Instead, it means that you must have attractive, authentic, and brand-oriented packaging. Your marijuana packaging should align with your brand persona to resonate with your customers. 


Loud Lock packaging specializes in cannabis packaging and offers a wide array of cannabis packaging products that you can utilize whether you’re a grower, processor, dispensary, or store owner. Choosing cannabis packaging is not an easy feat. But if you invest in the right cannabis packaging solution at the right time, you will see a remarkable difference in your sales, ROI, and customer satisfaction levels. 

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  • Matthew Centeno