How To Identify the Right Pop Tops for Your Cannabis Business?


With the cannabis market expanding consistently, there is a greater need for versatile cannabis packaging. Cannabis businesses are struggling to find ways to package their product in a way that stands out from other companies. 

As a cannabis business owner, it is tough to determine which packaging solution would be the most beneficial for your offerings. Pop tops are one of the most innovative and cost-effective ways to package cannabis products, especially dry herbs.

What are pop top vials?

Have you ever seen containers that make a popping sound when they are opened? These containers are nothing but pop top vials. The pop top lid is attached to the vial with a flexible plastic hinge. 

The mechanism to open it is straightforward. One can squeeze the ridged areas under the top of the vial on both sides, and the lid opens automatically. They are not just versatile as cannabis packaging but also child-resistant. 

What are the benefits of using pop tops?

There are several benefits of using pop tops to store your marijuana products. Here are the most important ones:

  • They're easy to open and highly durable. 
  • They are moisture-resistant, airtight, and smell-proof. They protect the product in the container and prevent it from being exposed to air. This avoids oxidation and preserves the product's freshness, potency, and taste!
  • They're cost-effective and reusable - you can reuse these containers for multiple products or switch your packaging as needed without buying new containers each time. Even your customers can reuse and repurpose them instead of just throwing them away.
  • Choosing the right kind of child-resistant marijuana packaging for your cannabis products is crucial. Pop top bottles are child-resistant, FDA-approved, smell-proof, and don't let the smell of the content's out. Thus, they provide safety and discreetness. 
  • They're easy to use - you can package cannabis in it yourself, saving money on labor costs.


Different Types of Pop Tops

There are many different types of pop-top vials available for different cannabis products! Whether you want to package medical cannabis, gummies, or flower, pop tops are the perfect packaging for you. 

Pop Top bottles are available in various sizes (with different capacities) such as:

  • 6-dram vials
  • 13-dram vials
  • 19-dram vials
  • 30-dram vials
  • 60-dram vials
  • 90-dram vials

Here are a few of the most popular types:

1. Clear - They are perfect display pieces because customers can check out the product without opening the pop top. The clear plastic bottle is excellent if you want your business logo or product name printed right onto the package itself. You can also read about how to properly package, seal and label pop top vials for your dispensary for a better idea. 

2. Black - Black plastic containers provide ultimate protection from light and exposure when sealed shut with black caps/lids. However, these bottles do not allow customers to see the product without opening them, so they might not be the best display pieces. 

3. Colored – Pop Tops also come in various colors, like green, pink, silver, and golden. They are perfect for businesses that want to add color and brightness to their packaging! You can also color-code different cannabis products using colored pop tops. 

What type of closure is available with pop tops?

You don't want your customers to struggle with your packaging and end up spending too much time just opening and closing the pop tops. Closures need to be such that they provide protection, are child-resistant and senior-friendly at the same time.

 There are two types of closures available with pop-tops: screw caps and snap caps. 

  1. Screw Cap Pop Tops

Screw caps provide a tighter seal than snap caps and work well for products that need to be stored in a dark place or shipped long distances. 

  1. Snap Cap Pop Tops

Snap caps are easier to open but don't offer as tight a seal as screw caps. They're perfect for products that are to be opened frequently or those that only require short-term storage.

Now that you know the basics of pop top vials, it's time to figure out which ones are best for your business. We recommend you read about the top 5 things to look for when buying wholesale pop tops for a better idea.

In the mean time, here are a few questions you must consider when choosing the suitable pop tops: 

  1. What type of product will you store in the pop top containers? 

Some products need much better storage than others. For example, flower should go into dark-colored bottles with tight seals, so no light exposure occurs - this helps keep them fresh and potent longer. 

Cannabis products like edibles can stay well even in clear/white pops because they don't require as much protection from light exposure since most people eat their treats within minutes instead of preserving them for weeks. 

  1. How do you plan to use them? Are they for retail sale or distribution?

If you're selling products in a dispensary, customers will likely want to see what's inside the container before purchasing. Clear and white pop tops are perfect because no label blocks the view. Black or colored pop-tops may not be as appealing to customers and could cause them to pass over your product in favor of one that is easier to see.


  1. What type of closures do you need? 

Screw caps provide a tighter seal than snap caps, but they can be more challenging to open. Snap caps are easier to open but don't offer as tight a seal. Consider what type of closure will be most accessible for your customers.  

  1. How many containers do you need? 

If you're ordering in bulk, it's essential to consider how many different types and sizes of pop top containers you'll need. This way, you will have pop tops for all your cannabis products, irrespective of their type or quantity.


Pop tops are no more an option for cannabis businesses. They have become a necessity. When picking out pop tops for your cannabis products, ensure that the pop-top manufacturer you choose implements strict quality control measures. 

At Loud Lock, you can choose from a range of top-quality, child-resistant pop tops that store your product efficiently. Loud Lock stocks a vast collection of high-quality and aesthetically pleasing pop tops, among other packaging options. Get your hands on your favorite pop-tops right here!

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