Producing and Packaging Pre-Rolled Joints - A step by step guide


Many of your customers might not know how to roll the perfect joint, and that's fine! Why? Because they can still experience the perfect joint through pre-rolls! It's 2022, and the market for pre-rolled joints has touched a new high! Quite literally.

In 1850, some Mexican workers mixed marijuana with tobacco in their cigarettes, making the first-ever joint. Today, it is a product that vendors or dispensaries prepare and is available for consumers to relish!  

Many firms have begun producing and packaging pre-rolls all by themselves. Some are outsourcing it. No matter what the case, one thing is for sure. The level of competition in the pre-roll segment has increased significantly. 

Why pre-rolls?

If you still aren't convinced about the marvelousness of pre-rolls, here's a list of pros that they offer. 

  • They are very convenient to produce and to use.
  • They have a short, simple, and quick crafting process, suitable for beginners and advanced smokers alike. 
  • It doesn't fall apart if crafted decently. The smoke from pre-rolls is even, fine and smooth.
  • Your customers don't need to 'lick' it to seal it up.

Now that you know about the gorgeousness of pre-rolls, let us get into what pre-rolled cones and pre-rolled tubes are. 

Pre-rolled cones vs. pre-rolled tubes.

The pre-rolled cone is similar to a regular joint, with a larger diameter at the top and a smaller diameter at the bottom, forming a cone shape. There are plenty of cone-filling machines available in the market compared to tube-filling mechanisms.

The pre-rolled tube is a classic cigarette design with an equal diameter at the upper and lower ends. While the tube shape is relatively new to the cannabis industry, it offers several advantages over traditional joints, including a more pleasant and consistent smoking experience and a look reminiscent of real cigarettes.

If you're looking to produce pre-rolls or expand your existing pre-roll offerings and package them, this article will guide you through it. The pre-roll production process can be divided into four main phases:

Phase I: Choosing pre-rolled cones/tubes

If you are wondering how to pack pre-roll, read this step carefully. You may create your pre-roll by choosing from a wide selection of pre-rolled cones and tubes. The type of paper, size, shape, filter type, and branding possibilities are essential factors to consider while selecting pre-rolled cones or tubes. Together, these characteristics manifest a diverse smoking experience for your customers and help you create your identity as a brand. 

Let us have a look into each of these characteristics.

Paper Type: Hemp, white refined, and natural brown are the most common papers. If you seek to create a cigar-like smoking experience, choose a hemp wrap cone or palm leaf tube for best results. These are the most popular rolling paper choices, ranging from 12 to 14 GSM.

A GSM is a gram per square meter, and higher the GSM, the thicker the paper. GSM is a measure of the amount of paper material you'll smoke. This will influence how much smoke you get with each puff. This is also referred to as "burn rate." Make sure you use high-quality paper that will burn evenly and won't compromise the flavor of your joint.

Before finalizing the paper, it is crucial to take the time to test out the paper well for your audience, strain, and brand.

Size: Whether you choose pre-rolled cones or pre-rolled tubes, you can further customize either by altering their diameter, filter length, or paper length. These factors determine how big or small the joint will be. Before you pick a size, consider how much cannabis product you want to put into the pre-roll. 

If you're selling a single-pack, you'll want to provide at least a .75-gram pre-roll. This will allow you to give more value to the customer with the single packs. The size of your cone or tube, just like the color and style, aids in creating the impression you wish to convey for your business.

Filter Type: There are many different types of filters to choose from. The most common are the crutch filter and the pre-cut filter. The crutch filter is a piece of paper inserted into the end of the cone or tube before you fill it with the cannabis product. This will keep your joint from becoming too loose and falling apart while smoking. 

The pre-cut filter is a small piece of paper that you insert into the end of the cone or tube after it's been filled with the cannabis product. This will help keep your joint from becoming too tight and difficult to smoke.

Shape: Whether you like cones or tubes, the essential thing to consider is your brand, the smoking experience you want to offer, packaging, and how much material you want to fit into the cone or tube.

Phase II: Pre-Roll Filling (Preparing the Cannabis Product)

You can prepare your pre-roll with either ground cannabis or nuggets. There are several ways to grind up cannabis, depending on how you prefer it. If you use a grinder, ensure that all particles are ground to the same size for even burning. Ensure that you don't grind it too finely for the best results. 

If using whole nuggets, you can either leave them as is or break them down into smaller pieces. If you choose to break them down into smaller pieces, they must be all uniform size so that your joint burns evenly.

Once your cannabis product is ready, it's time to fill your cone or tube. Fill the cone or tube no more than halfway to ensure an even burning joint.

Phase III: Pre-Roll Drying

Once the joint is rolled, it needs to be dried before packaging. This will ensure that the product does not fall apart when the customer smokes it. To achieve this, you can use either of the three options. 

Option One: Use a fan. Hold the joint over a table or work surface and blow on it from above with a small fan. This works well for single joints but can get expensive and tedious if you're rolling several joints at once. We recommend using this method only when working with one or two pre-rolls at a time.

Option Two: Use an Oven. Put the joints on a baking sheet and preheat the oven to 170 degrees F. Bake five minutes or until the paper is slightly brownish. Be careful not to overheat, as this will cause the cannabis to burn.

Option Three: Use a Dehydrator. If you're looking to dry more than a few joints at once, a dehydrator is your best option. Follow the manufacturer's prescribed drying time and temperature settings when using this method.

Once you've finished the drying procedure, it's essential to store the pre-rolls in an airtight container or jar with desiccant packets for two to four days. This step allows them to dry completely and removes any remaining moisture. Ensure that you aren't cutting corners in the pre-roll production process, as it leads to poor quality joints. And consumers are sure to avoid low-quality joints on the shelves due to increasing competition.

Phase IV: Pre-Roll Packaging

The final step is packaging your pre-rolled joints so that customers can take them home. Finding the right child-resistant packaging for your pre-rolls will not be difficult if you have a reputed and trustworthy packaging partner. 

One of the best ways to package them is in the Loud Lock Glass Tubes. These beauties make for great display pieces and are incredibly durable. Their child-resistant screw-top cap provides an airtight seal, which maintains the freshness of your pre-rolls. Made up of FDA material, they are highly odor resistant as well. You can buy these glass tubes at Loud Lock in bulk quantities at great prices. 

You can also consider glass jars for pre-roll packaging as your customers can see what's inside without opening the jar. Add an airtight lid to keep the joints from drying out. It is crucial to understand how to package, seal, and label glass tubes for excellent output. The easiest way to label a pre-roll container is to include the name of your product, strain details (if applicable), ingredients, weight, and serving size information. 

Consider using a custom pre-roll box if you seek a more professional look. This will give your product a unique and high-end feel that customers appreciate. Just be sure to include all of the necessary information on the box itself, so there's no confusion about what they're buying.



If you're still confused about making your pre-roll packaging purchase, you can read more about the things you must look for when buying wholesale glass tubes. 



When producing and packaging your pre-roll brand, many factors need to be considered, but the possibilities are endless. There is enough room to set yourself apart from the competition and provide a unique experience to the consumer. We hope that these measures will improve the quality of pre-rolls distributed to your consumers. 

Businesses that use the above procedures will save money and establish long-term branding to dominate the expanding market. Loud Lock provides wholesale pre-roll packaging solutions for every business – no matter how big or small. Check out the latest offerings from our versatile collection and choose the ones you like the best for your business! 

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